Custom Coordinates Bracelet Pair
Black Button
Black Tassel
Gray Button
Gray Tassel
Blue Button
Blue Tassel
Rosy Brown Button
Rosy Brown Tassel
Ocean Button
Ocean Tassel
Atlantis Button
Atlantis Tassel
Seafoam Button
Seafoam Tassel
Red Button
Red Tassel
Coral Button
Coral Tassel
RWB Button
RWB Tassel
Periwinkle Button
Periwinkle Tassel
Boho Button
Boho Tassel
Emerald Button
Emerald Tassel
Amethyst Button
Amethyst Tassel
Morocco Button
Morocco Tassel
Custom Coordinates Bracelet Pair
Custom Coordinates Bracelet Pair
Custom Coordinates Bracelet Pair

Custom Coordinates Bracelet Pair

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There’s one dot on the map that holds more of your deepest memories than any other place. It’s where you fell in love, found your community, or risked it all. It’s where you were born – or reborn into a braver, stronger version of you.

“It is where my adventure began with my best friend, where our families became blended and we all became one. It is a constant reminder of the foundation we continue to build on & the love that continues to grow.” – Kayla J.

Handmade and personalized for you, the Coordinates Bracelet reminds you of that pivotal place that shaped your life journey.

  • Customizable: Choose your color, closure, and coordinates
  • Handmade in Bali: Every artisan's touch makes your bracelet as unique as your life journey
  • Positive impact: Creates sustainable jobs for 150+ artisans to help support their families in Bali, Indonesia
  • Upcycled: Symbols are made from discarded, all-natural materials [modal-buffalo-bone]
  • Water resistant: Dive in! Your band colors won't fade
  • Adjustable: Up to 8 inches for tassel closure and 7.5 inches for button closure