Hero Daughter Donates Her Kidney To Save Her Father’s Life

Published on February 2nd,2021 : Special Editorial by Christine Smith, Senior Editor


Florida, U.S.A -- Being a family means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. Meet Heather Davis, an American hero who saved her father's life. What Heather did to save her father’s life will bless your soul. All thanks to what she calls her “Stone Burner”.

The Challenges And Trials To Come

This is Heather’s inspiring journey. Heather was very attached to her father since young.

“We will do everything together and even if I am not with him, I will call him everyday.” - Heather Davis

However, Heather was heartbroken when she learnt that her father was diagnosed with a stage 5 kidney disease. She knew he wasn’t managing his diabetes well but had no idea he blew through 4 stages of a disease that her father didn’t know he had. After discussing options with the doctor, Heather was glad that her father was a candidate for a transplant.

However with his rare blood type O, it is a challenge to find a donor. Heather knew that she matches her father’s blood type, and in that instant she offered her kidney. At first her father refused the offer, he was worried what if something went wrong. But after going through a few months of meetings and tests, he was eventually convinced.

Meanwhile Heather had filled out an application to be a kidney donor. Her first email from the donor coordinator was not good news. Heather had to lose weight, part of the eligibility criteria to be an organ donor is a BMI of 30 or under. And for her, that meant getting under 200 from 298 pounds.

“Seeing what diabetes was doing to his body was enough for me to start turning my own health around and start making better choices.” - Heather Davis

New Slimming Technology 

Heather began her transformation journey with strict discipline. She eliminated sodas and snacks from her diet and started intermittent fasting. Heather also started exercising at the gym and going for runs. After three months, she had lost a total of 15 pounds but knew she needed to lose more. Time was running out, her father needed to have a kidney transplant soon and Heather was out of options.

That was when the doctor called Heather and told her about Dr. Tanaka who specializes in modern and natural weight-loss methods. After 8 years of research her team recently discovered that with a combination of ingredients, they are able to help people with weight management problems. It will effectively aid digestion and boost metabolism rates four times the normal rate to burn fat.  

“The key ingredient in this product contains extracts of a rare Japanese mint called "Hokuto’.”

“It can suppress appetite while burning fats as you go about your day.” - Dr. Tanaka 

In other words, using this product will help manage body fat without dieting and exercising. The active ingredients will work together by stimulating the muscles and tissue to burn toxins. Adapting to the busy lifestyles, Dr. Tanaka managed to infuse the ingredients into a slimming patch known as Svelte™.

With time ticking, Heather quickly ordered the Svelte™ patches in hopes that it can help her. It was fairly simple to use like a band aid so she placed it on her stomach everyday for 4 hours. A week later, Heather was astounded when she realized that she had lost 9 pounds.

“Two weeks later I lost 17 pounds, three weeks after I lost 25 pounds and a month later I lost 48 pounds” - Heather Davis

Not only could Heather manage her weight with the help of Svelte™, she also got healthy enough to be a donor for her father. Few days later, the kidney transplant operation was also successful. Heather and her father both recovered smoothly. “I am so amazed by the effects of the Svelte™ patch and I couldn’t have saved my father’s life without it.” - Heather Davis. Users who saw Heather’s story started sharing their experience with Svelte™ patches.


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